The size of words can be enlarged by one of the following :

Windows, All Browsers

Crtl + enlarges the current page

Ctrl -  reduces the current page

Ctrl 0 [zero]  restores the page to normal

Mac, All Browsers

Command + enlarges the current page

Command -  reduces the current page

Command 0 [zero] - restores the page to normal


The controls above will affect only the current browser tab.    The controls below will affect all pages viewed in the browser, for all sites.

Windows, MS Internet Explorer

Gearwheel (top right)

Zoom – adjust to suit

Windows/Mac, Firefox

'Firefox' button (top left)


Content tab

Default Font ....Size: - enlarge to suit.

Windows/Mac, Chrome

Customise button (top right)


Show advanced settings (bottom)

Web Content

Page Zoom - enlarge to suit.

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