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Membership of DBA - The Barge Assocation is open to anyone from anywhere in the world who is a barge owner, a barge dreamer or just interested in barges. The club has around 1500 members from all over the world cruising and living on their barges in the UK and in Mainland Europe, sharing knowledge and experience of all aspects of barging.

For couples, we offer Family membership, so that each has their own account and can use the Forum and Facebook Group as individuals. 

Join  now  - turn the dream into reality!

Membership offers you:

  • Blue Flag: DBA's full colour magazine, sent to members bi-monthly.
  • eNewsletter: An email supplement to Blue Flag on the alternate months
  • Events: Rallies and social occasions held throughout the year.
  • Forum: Discussion between members, accessible online or by email.
  • Waterways Guide: Information from members about moorings and services on the waterways.
  • Suppliers Guide: A directory of Suppliers used by members, with reviews. Some give discounts to DBA members.
  • Knowledgebase: A compendium of information from members.
  • DBA Shop: For the essential Barge-Buyer's Handbook, Guide to Motor Barge Handling and the DBA flag.
  • Booklist: Recommended Books,  Guides  and Charts


  • tap into a huge amount of accumulated knowledge and wisdom about barges and barging.
  • become part of an international barging community.
  • fast forward to find your barge and all the practical information you will need to fulfil your dream.
  • know that your club is representing  your interests, whether you just live quietly on board up a backwater or travel the length and breadth of Europe.
  • gain access to a data-base where cruising members share detailed information about good moorings.


To join us, complete the application form, then arrange payment of the membership subscription, as below. Once payment is received by the membership secretary, you'll be emailed details of how to log in to the web site to enjoy the full benefits of membership. For membership renewal, see below.  If you used to be a member and would like to re-join, see 'Lapsed Membership', below.

Join  now  - turn the dream into reality!


You will be emailed a few weeks before your subscription is due each year, on the anniversary of joining.   Please make sure your email address is up-to-date on My Details for you to receive this! 

If you pay by Direct Debit, your membership will be automatically renewed and you need to take no action.  

If you pay by credt card or cheque, you will need to log in, go to My Details and click on 'Pay Subscription'.

Lapsed Membership

If your subscription remains unpaid more than a month after it is due you will no longer have access to the web site or be able to post to the Forum.  

To renew membership after this, please arrange a subscription payment as above AND email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know. 

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