Briare Rally
From Friday 08 July 2016
To Sunday 10 July 2016
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The DBA Briare Rally will take place on 8th, 9th and 10th July 2016 at Briare Port on the Canal Lateral a la Loire and Canal de Briare, in western  Middle France.

Briare moorings

This event has the support of the Briare Mairie, The VNF, the local boating association, the Fluvial Club de Briare (FCB), and the local Capitaine du Port Dorothé  Maas, whose initial invitation and continued help has been invaluable. There are quite a few bits of water around Briare, a sizeable marina and two distinct canal channels and various lagoons. 

We have been allocated three separate mooring locations for the rally: 

  • Quai Barabant mooring area is about 120 metres long where we will be allowed to double bank, thus giving us 240 linear metres of mooring space; no water or electricity available. It is situated at the bottom (south west end of the marina) very close to the lagoon near the Locaboat hire boat base. This area will be suitable for Boats with a water draft of less than 1.25 metres, an air draft of less than 3 .5 metres and maximum length of 24 metres.
  • There is a further 44 metres of mooring space on the Quai Techekoff close to the entrance lock to the marina , near the Library, which will have water and electricity, water draft 1.25 metres and air draft less than 3.5 metres apply. We should be able to get 2 x 20 metre vessels or 3 x 15 metre vessels on that section.
  • There is an additional 350 linear metre area available to us for the Rally moorings on the Nouveau Bief at the Quai Ouzever. This will be a suitable location for the larger vessels which will be moored singly, providing space for barges over 24 metres long. There are proper mooring posts there, but no water or electricity.

The total overall mooring space that could be made available to us for the Rally Weekend at Briare would be 634 linear metres; similar to the moorings made available to the DBA in 2012 at La Bassin de la Villette in Paris.

Briare bridge

The centre of gravity for DBA events will vary, but most informal open air activities will probably be held at Quai Baraban which has a grass area about 12 metres wide and 120 metres long, perfect for socialising. The Library Quay is about a 4 or 5 minute walk away, and the Quai Ouzever is about 10 or 12 minutes walk away.


Briare port




The event will commence with a visit to the market where a wine tasting and cheese tasting will be available. There will be a ‘Meet and Greet’ on Friday afternoon to renew acquaintances and meet fellow members. The Maire has very kindly invited us to hold our Opening Ceremony and Reception in the beautiful grounds of the Mairie. We plan to organise a BBQ or meal to conclude the evening’s activities. The rally will include a Petanque competition, a rowing race and some meals/buffet, but still allowing for a quiet little drink on a friends aft deck. The Forum will be held in the Library building on Sunday morning followed by a lunch. Locaboat have very kindly agreed that we may run the rowing race partially within their lagoon, with a start and finish at the Quai Baraban. If there is sufficient interest there will be two classes, one for inflatable boats and one for rigid rowing boats, there will be two prizes.


Members who are not familiar with the location coming from the north via Paris, should head up the River Seine, turn right and continue on the Seine at the Largest Chinese Restaurant in the world and then right again onto the Canal du Loing.  


If coming from the River Marne, turn left at the Largest Chinese Restaurant in the world. From the south, make your way to Decize on the Canal au Centre and then turn left onto the Canal lateral a la Loire.  Eventually you will arrive at the beautiful water viaduct that crosses the River Loire at Briare.

  We would be grateful if you could please indicate your intentions to attend this wonderful venue, as we are now fast approaching the limit of boats for the space available.

This will give the Mairie, Dorothé and us an indication of the mooring requirements for the Rally at Briare.The Town has for several centuries, been famous for ceramics and was a crossways between the River Loire and the Loire cargo vessels and the canal system of France.



Location Briare
A note of warning, we are fast approaching the limit of boats for the space available, so if you wish to Register please do so without delay.

Any Skipper wishing to extend their stay in the Port de Briare over the 5-day free rally mooring period MUST contact Door Maas ASAP to reserve their mooring: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.