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Shower tray ideas

  • Matthew Emeny
  • Topic Author
02 Nov 2023 12:55 #1 by Matthew Emeny
Replied by Matthew Emeny on topic Shower tray ideas
Thanks Balliol,

We have just had a couple of samples from the same company you recommended for the shower boards turn up yesterday, they look like the best ideas for the walls . Just need to try and find a deep shower tray to fit the space otherwise I might have to try and make one out of fibreglass or similar. 

Regards Matt

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  • Balliol Fowden
02 Nov 2023 12:39 #2 by Balliol Fowden
Replied by Balliol Fowden on topic Shower tray ideas
Timber and showers do not go well together! I also don't rate tiles.

We used to fit the Midland Chandlers shower bath, which was a one piece GRP moulding incorporating a sit-in or stand up shower. This extended about 1 metre in height apart from the access side, so it enclosed a lot of the potentially wetted areas in totally waterproof manner. However I don't think those mouldings are available any more.

The nearest alternative might be to look at the camper van conversion parts market for GRP enclosures,


The difficulty there might be finding something to suit your required size.

What I do now is:

1. Line the shower area (and more?) using shower wall boards. Tiles are rarely successful since water always seems to find its way through.  Standard tile grouting is not actually water proof. In a house you don't notice because the plaster/masonry absorbs the damp that permeates through the grouting. In a timber lined boat the wood rots, as in your case. You can use epoxy or silicone grouting but I would not use tiles at all. I always use plastic faced panels. Standard domestic panels are usually Formica type facings on MDF, and MDF is rather counter intuitive. You can buy boards which are Formica bonded onto a good quality ply backing but these are very expensive and there is a lot of wastage. 

The last few showers I have installed in both houses and barge have been done in this plastic board:

This is a cellular 10mm thick plastic board which is cheap, it is light and easy to handle and work, it's available in lots of designs and has the pleasant advantage of being warm to the touch. It is probably not a particularly durable surface (in terms of abrasive cleaners) but for sensible private use we find it absolutely fine. Use these panels to line the compartment to the highest possible level (ideally bonded to a water resistant ply or OSB lining, suitably sealed, but studwork can be used). Alloy corner angles and edge trims are available. 

2. Fit a standard domestic acrylic, GRP or "stone" shower tray, e.g. Mira but there are plenty of others to choose from. Presuming you have lined the shower enclosure accurately to fit and support the tray then you just slide the tray into place and then pump the void between the board and the (usually tapered) shower tray perimeter full of silicone.

3.  Subject to other constraints you may be able to fit a standard shower door, or reduced height versions are available if you are constrained by headroom if you search. Otherwise it is the dreaded damp clingy curtain!

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  • Colin Stone
01 Nov 2023 23:37 #3 by Colin Stone
Replied by Colin Stone on topic Shower tray ideas
 A standard brico GRP base. Wall tiles on a flexible adhesive and grout to resist vibration

Colin Stone
It's not the destination, it's the glory of the ride.
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  • Matthew Emeny
  • Topic Author
01 Nov 2023 22:53 #4 by Matthew Emeny
Shower tray ideas was created by Matthew Emeny
Hi, our boat is now moored up for the winter and I have started a few winter jobs, first was to remove the loose brown tiles from the toilet shower room. Having removed the tiles I have found rotten wood ( not much of a surprise), but the shower base is also wood with tiles over the top. 

What have people used for a shower base in there boats as a wood base is not ideal, pics would be great.

Thanks Matt 

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