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Finding anchor chain to fit our winch - UK suppliers ideally

  • Paul Hayes
30 Jul 2023 07:30 #21 by Paul Hayes
The subject of anchors and associated equipment is huge. 

I believe that there are very specific requirements if the vessel has to qualify under the ESTRIN system, or the Marine and Coastguard Agency.

Generally the internet is full of advice, rules and requirements for anchors, chain, cable etc.

You don't say where you are, UK, Europe, Ireland etc. Type, size of anchor and cable and windlass, size weight of vessel, so no exact advice can be given. 

However here are a couple of links that might get you on the right path.

Paul Hayes 

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  • Will Lahr
  • Topic Author
29 Jul 2023 21:14 #22 by Will Lahr
Our most recent survey has advised that we get a better chain on our anchor.   It's currently got a couple of feet of chain and then some steel cable on it which is wound on to a reel on the winch.   Our best option seems to be to use the chain locker and gypsy that is already on the winch on our foredeck, and find a length of chain to fit.   I'm interested to know if anyone has done the same thing. How difficult it is to find chain to fit the gypsy well enough for it to work properly,  what kind of tolerances are needed?  And where does one buy anchor chain from?  Is it usual to get a specialist to come and measure it up? or is it a case of getting a ruler out?

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