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TOPIC: Marinco Nicro Solar Vents Refurbishment

Marinco Nicro Solar Vents Refurbishment 17 Oct 2021 20:09 #126324

  • Martin Ling
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Sounds like a reasonable plan, but I wonder about the effect of the epoxy.

If an epoxy appears clear to the eye, then it must be transparent at visible wavelengths (400-700nm) or so, but solar cells are sensitive up to around 1100nm infrared, and half or more of the power they pick up is in that part of the spectrum. Many materials we think of as transparent, are actualy opaque when looked at in IR.

So you might find you get less power than you expect - I would do a test first, covering one of the cells you want to use with epoxy and checking it still gives the power needed.

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Marinco Nicro Solar Vents Refurbishment 17 Oct 2021 14:02 #126316

  • Colin Stone
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I have a few Marinco Nicro rechargeable solar vents. Some have packed up and a couple are still going strong after 16 years.
The unserviceable ones exhibit rubbish quality control with water getting in through the plastic casting where the solar cell is fitted,and eventually rusting out the motor.
I've dismantled one, and after cutting out the motor housing, WD40 runs out of the join at the side of the solar cell. Not very good!!
A couple of solar cells, which ran the motor and charged a C cell 1.2v 2000mah NiCd battery, have also packed up.
New Marinco solar vents are £200 odd. Gulp!!
I was thinking of refurbishing the current vents, which are quite a good design with the water baffle and look to be better than the current typical marine offerings. It would also avoid drilling more holes.
Current solar cells generate just under 2v in direct sun.
I've got some suitable solar motors which are 1 - 5v, draw 40ma and reduce open circuit voltage by a volt. So I was thinking of 3 AA or AAA 6-700mah 1.2v NiCd cells in series and a 5-6v solar cell, which seem to produce upto 350ma. Plus some suitable resin to re-encapsulate the solar cell. dipoxy.de/075-999KG-EP-Epoxy-Resin-Laminate-Casting-Crystal-Clear-Gfk-Table-Floor-1A
Total cost around £10/ventilator.
Running a 12v supply to each fan is too complicated, and 3 are in Gebo hatch perspex.
Any thoughts??

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Colin Stone
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