Escale à Sète
Tuesday 07 April 2020, 10:00
To Monday 13 April 2020
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Maritime traditions have got a date with France’s major Mediterranean fishing port

From the La Savonnerie Quay to the Saint Louis breakwater, from the canals to the fish auction, this Île Singulière (remarkable island) will be celebrating maritime heritage. More than one hundred vessels, including some of the most beautiful sailing ships in France and from around the world, will be dropping anchor in the heart of the town. There will be 7 days of excitement, with a programme that includes: tours of traditional boats, spectacular parades by their crews, Languedoc boat-jousting, cookery lessons by great chefs, based on produce from the sea, talks on professions connected with the sea, workshops for children, not forgetting Barberousette’s Treasure Hunt.
And there will be music just about everywhere, including sea shanty concerts on the main stage.

Location Sète, France