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Anything about sailing barges.
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TOPIC: Flag etiquette

Flag etiquette 01 May 2015 08:58 #62627

Hello Ian,

There is a long standing custom / tradition among boaters of the 'brag line'.

A hoist of flags (Port spreader as Bob suggests) showing which countries and /or ports, regions. fuel barges that you have visited (or hope to!).

As long as you follow Bob's advice the hoariest pedant should not find anything amiss.

A French registered hotel boat passed upstream today with French flag on stern and Union Flag on Jackstaff - presumably they had UK guests on board!

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Best Wishes
Andy Soper
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Flag etiquette 01 May 2015 03:25 #62619


For what it is worth let me tell you what I do in similar circumstances.

The red duster stays at the stern, the courtesy flag of the country we are in at the starboard halliard on the mast up for'ard and the flag I wish to fly - say in recognition of the country of some guests onboard - on the port halliard of the mast.

Hope this helps.


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Bob & Bobbie Marsland
MS La Chouette
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Flag etiquette 29 Apr 2015 11:16 #62525

  • Ian Moon
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Hi all

Our old lady will be taking part in a river festival on the 24th of May. We will be tied up alongside for the duration of the event. I am obviously aware that we are legally only allowed to fly the Red Ensign, but wanted to fly the Dutch flag that was left onboard by the previous owner for the duration of the festival.

As we will be fully dressed to accept visitors and not leaving the quay/jetty is this likely to still draw attention and cause us problems if some jobs worth came by? Or would common sense likely prevail?

Many thanks for your own experiences or input.


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