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Anything about sailing barges.
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TOPIC: Board meeting and Chairman's Resignation

Board meeting and Chairman's Resignation 19 Sep 2011 14:29 #32800

  • Gregg Neumann
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Pete makes a very valid point and as List Admin I have to agree, it would be better for the public image of the association if any discussion on this matter were moved to the AM list, rather than airing it on a list that can be read by the public.
To subscribe to the AM list send a blank email with subscribe in the title?
to the following address:
dbaassociationmatters-request at lists.shire.net
Then reply to the confirmation email the system will send you and after your?membership has been checked you will be subscribed
DBA list admin

--- On Mon, 19/9/11, pete hayselden <hayselden at anchorage.f9.co.uk> wrote:

From: pete hayselden <hayselden at anchorage.f9.co.uk>
Subject: Re: [DBAam] [Dbasailing] DBAm: Fwd: Board meeting and Chairman's Resignation
To: DBAMAIN at lists.shire.net
Cc: "DBA The Barge Association Navigation list" <dbacruising at lists.shire.net>, "DBA Association Matters" <dbaassociationmatters at lists.shire.net>, dbasailing at lists.shire.net
Date: Monday, 19 September, 2011, 13:32

I agree with Charlie once again.

With one important exception:

The "Main List" is open to the whole wide world.? This debate should be
accessible only to DBA members

It was decided some time ago to have the "Association Matters" list and I
believe that this is where the current subject properly belongs.

It is open to every member to subscribe to the "Am" list if they are

This debate looks likely to be an extremely serious one.
I would say in the circumstances it would be in order for the list
moderators to draw the attention of their list members to the fact that it
should be on the "Am" list.

For those who are not normally interested in the "Am" list, I suggest they
could subscribe for the duration of this debate and then unsubscribe at any
future point.? It is quite easy to do.

Could the Moderators please confer and then make a recommendation ??


Pete Hayselden

Original Message
From: "CHARLES Mclaren" <charlesmclaren at gmail.com>
To: <DBAMAIN at lists.shire.net>
Cc: "DBA Association Matters" <dbaassociationmatters at lists.shire.net>;
<dbasailing at lists.shire.net>
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: [Dbasailing] DBAm: Fwd: Board meeting and Chairman's

> Please can we keep this all on one list the main list or it will get too
> confusing. I repeat it is important to know what the issues are, bill
> before
> writing a diatribe. Do you know who the other board members are?? do you
> know what their levels of expertise are? do you have any idea what the
> split
> is about? do you know what prompted andy to resign? lets find out the
> facts
> before we start slinging mud around.? You elected all the board
> STAND and then let us all decide. Opinions are great when they are
> well-informed ones....charlie

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