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Welcome to the DBA forum.
All about barges and barging - building, buying, maintaining, equipment, handling on the water, etc.
6657 Topics 46.1k Replies Steve Van Zoeren's Avatar
Re: Insurance Update
by Steve Van Zoeren
Yesterday 12:11
For discussion of navigating and living on the waterways of Continental Europe and news of canal developments.
3343 Topics 18.9k Replies Peter Cawson's Avatar
Re: Canal de la Meuse
by Peter Cawson
Yesterday 13:33
For discussion of navigating and living on the waterways of Great Britain & Ireland and news of canal developments.
425 Topics 1835 Replies Andy Soper's Avatar
Re: Additional Thames specific advice
by Andy Soper
30 Mar 2020 20:30
To inform and be informed of unscheduled stoppages, hazards and exceptional waterway levels, anywhere.

211 Topics 645 Replies Bob Marsland's Avatar
Re: VNF Closure of the Seine Basin
by Bob Marsland
17 Mar 2020 01:26
For chat about sailing barges, open to anybody with or without a sailing barge.
104 Topics 213 Replies Warren Bakay's Avatar
Re: Rigging a 15.31m boeieraak
by Warren Bakay
04 Feb 2020 18:05

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